The Partner Capacity Enhancement in Logistics (PARCEL) project aims to increase the capacity and independence of local partners to respond to humanitarian emergencies.

The ECHO-funded initiative seeks to address identified gaps across the sector in logistic and operational management so that partners can effectively manage end to end supply and logistics processes.

The PARCEL project is led by a consortium of INGOs bringing together a wide range of technical knowledge, experience, and resources. The consortium agencies included: Concern Worldwide, MercyCorps US, Save the Children International, Tearfund, World Vision International, Action Contre la Faim, and five Oxfam affiliates.

PARCEL Products

The PARCEL project developed a set of minimum standards in supply and logistics that reflect best practice within the sector and agreed by 11 international humanitarian organisations.

The PARCEL Project developed training materials and tools for international agencies to use when developing logistics capacity of local NGO partners based on the minimum standards. The materials were initially piloted in Pakistan, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Jordan, by experienced trainers and under the direction of the PARCEL Project team members. PARCEL products include:

  • a logistics assessment tool to support partner organisations to improve compliance with minimum standards and identify potential capacity gaps;
  • an e-learning course on supply and logistics minimum standards
  • pick-up-and-go training materials designed for a five-day face-to-face workshop (including a training of trainers package);
  • and a toolkit with editable logistics forms and templates for partner organisations to use.

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