Welcome to the Learning Zone. Below, you can access two different self-study e-learning courses. These courses introduce the PARCEL project supply and logistics standards and training methods. If you want to learn more about the PARCEL project, or logistics minimum standards, these courses is a great place to start. There are additional tools and training materials in the Resources section.

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The e-learning courses are hosted in the disasteready.org website where anyone can sign up with a free account.

PARCEL Logistics Standards: e-learning course

The PARCEL project Partner Training e-learning course has been designed primarily for NGO local partner staff. This course is currently available in English, French or Spanish. However, anyone who needs an introduction to core logistics principles can complete this course. It is intended that the course be taken prior to attending instructor-led partner training events. It is a good place to start learning more about the PARCEL project standards.

If you work for a local NGO, you can take the Partner elearning course in English, START HERE.



PARCEL Training-of-Trainers (ToT) e-learning course

The PARCEL project Training-of-Trainers (TOT) e-learning course has been developed primarily for members of the INGO community aiming to provide an introduction on training partner NGO staff to implement the PARCEL Logistics Standards. This course is should be completed before attending an instructor-led PARCEL training-of-trainers workshop. This course is available in English, French and Spanish.

If you work for an INGO, you can take the Training of Trainers e-learning course in English, START HERE.