The PARCEL Logistics Toolkit is a free and editable collection of recommended supply & logistics forms and tools from the consortium agencies of the PARCEL Project covering the five areas of the PARCEL Logistics Standards.

Individual toolkit parts are available to download here here:

Further Guidance

Each section of the toolkit includes a guidance document with explanations on how and when to use the tool. The PARCEL Partner Training Workbook also has further useful information. Partners can also contact the PARCEL consortium agencies to receive support.

  • All forms are unlocked: you are free to edit the forms to suit the needs of your organisation and add your own organisation’s logo.
  • The forms are designed to be as generic as possible to be flexible to partners’ needs. The toolkit is a collection of example best-practice forms;
  • The PARCEL project does not prescribe the use of the tools – you are free to use your own tools.